Frequently Asked Questions about Working for Coldwell Banker Crossroads, Realtors

Where is your office? 

We are located at 1158 NW Cache Road, in Lawton, Oklahoma. 

Do I need any special qualifications to be a realtor for you? 

You must have a valid Oklahoma real estate license. You need to be customer service oriented and comfortable with sales. You need to be comfortable with e-mail, internet and computers. You need to be independent and money motivated. You need a reliable automobile, cell phone, pager and computer. 

What hours are involved? 

Realtors often work 7 days a week, evenings and weekends. You work a lot, but you make your own schedule and answer only to yourself. 

Is there a salary or benefits? 
Realtors are Independent Contractors and do not receive benefits. But they have more freedom and high income potential than most other professions. 

What is the commission? 
Our new realtors start at 50% commission and have opportunities to make much more through increasing success levels, bonuses, contests, etc. 

Our there any costs associated with becoming a Realtor? 

Our Realtors are expected to join the Realtor Association, as well as the MLS. These costs vary. 

E-mail us directly at jekinder@swb.net. 

You may also call us directly at 1-800-234-0820


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Stefanie consistently went above and beyond expectations throughout the entire, and stressful, process of selling my home through a short sale. Though I moved 1,100 miles away, I always felt like Stefanie was right next door. She is a great communicator, a strong negotiator, and she stuck out a multi-year process as a courtesy to me. If you want someone who will work tirelessly for you, who will have your best interests in mind, and who will treat you as though you are her only client give Stefanie a call.

I cannot comment enough about how stressful the process of a short sale can be. There are many unknowns, mountains of paperwork, and a lot of headaches. Stefanie guided me through this process in totality and I am finally able to stop worrying about owning a home a million miles away. Stefanie lowered the mortgage company's demands of me, and spoke for me on a number of matters that I had no clue about. Without her help through this process, I would've ended up owing money and being saddled with many burdens. Without Stefanie's business connections across Lawton, I would've ended up paying a ton of money to get things fixed. My home had its windows broken, issues from sitting vacant, and exterior issues that Stefanie got fixed for me for well below what I would've paid as John Q. Public.

If you want your house sold quickly, a real estate agent who isn't soft, and a person to get a job done efficiently and in a way that benefits you call Stefanie. She keeps you informed, updated, and aware of everything regarding your home and selling process. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with her, and you will be too.
Rick Winbigler
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